Sabine Sabine Sabine (Adriaan Van Aken, Braakland/Zhebilding & Nieuw West)

Sabine Sabine Sabine is a shameless romantic story by Adriaan Van Aken. About a man who finds the love of his life. To then lose her. He reconstructs the facts by using the alphabet. In front of an audience. Why? Because she asked him.

Lemma after lemma, this creates an alphabet performance. Complete analogous with the alphabet books we present our children to get a grip on reality, our hero will start understanding what happened to him, word by word, letter by letter. To finally see that something isn't right.

Sara Vertongen is Sabine. Marien Jongewaard, one of The Netherlands' most beloved dancers and actors, embodies the man. Chantal Acda (Isbells, Sleeping Dog, ...) and BZB house musician Youri Van Uffelen use voices and music for the most sensitive soundtrack you have ever heard.


text, director: Adriaan Van Aken I with: Sara Vertongen, Marien Jongewaard I music: Chantal Acda, Inne Eysermans, Youri Van Uffelen I drawings: Fien Van Elzen I costumes: Veerle Hasselman I light: Thomas Ditch I sound: Tom Buys I production design: Sanne Hubert I production: Braakland/ZheBilding (BE) & Nieuw West (NL)


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