EISBÄR* is an ambitious and idealistic artist collective, with Femke Heijens as its driving force. Each performance is a new encounter with new guests. EISBÄR* brings engaged punk theater showing the madness, ugliness and beauty of this world. In doing so they don't shun any art form: performance art, theater, dance, DJ set, music, visual arts, trash, literature, politics, anarchitecture, manifest, icon and small human drama go hand in hand.

EISBÄR* is committed to the development and renewal of theater as a socially relevant art form that reflects on the current world. / EISBÄR* reacts against the blurring of ideals, the "so what" of a society and against the advancing indifference of its time. / EISBÄR* pleads for sentiment, doubt, vulnerability, insecurity and a quest in a world of permanent rigid truths and machismo winners. / EISBÄR* asks questions but provides no answers. / EISBÄR* criticizes but has no solutions. / EISBÄR* distrusts anything that is generally accepted and searches its own path: anything goes./ EISBÄR* cherishes failure.

Femke Heijens (born 1980) is actress at and artistic director of EISBÄR*. She studied at RITS in Brussels and played with among others Buelens Paulina, Toneelhuis, Luk Perceval, Dood Paard, JAN, Villanella, Theater Zuidpool and Compagnie Barbarie. In 2011, she made the theater performance Dit is alles for HETPALEIS. The performance was selected in 2012 for Het Theaterfestival. Last season she made with EISBÄR* the performance Behind the Jolly roll-down shutter, in collaboration with Gregory Frateur (Dez Mona).


More information and performance dates on www.eisbarperformancegroup.be

EVERYONE WHO HAS has ever wondered, sitting LONELY with some MICROWAVE NOODLES, how he or she got there, go (...) see ONE OF FLANDERS most defiant GROUPS (KNACK, ON BEHIND THE JOLLY ROLL-DOWN SHUTTER)


Eisbär* - A Brave New Jungle

What if a powerful couple as Chauchesku (sic) and his wife would had left everything behind to go live in nature?Perhaps the Chauchesku's also just wanted to go camping and sing kumbaya around the campfire. Maybe it all started when they couldn't get their three second tent to open. Maybe it's all nature's fault. Bad bad nature.

A Brave New Jungle looks at human evil as a genetic disorder and as a failed growing-up: the psychopath was less loved than his brother, the terrorist had an unhappy childhood, the murderer has never known his father, the pedophile has been abused himself.

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