A brave new jungle (Eisbär*)

Eisbär* asks itself: what if a powerful couple as Chauchesku (sic) and his wife would had left everything behind to go live in nature?

Let's return to the wild, free nature. A place where nothing more is asked of us then what we are instinctively programmed to do. Away from the daily turmoil. And then tweeting how beautiful the view is while we prepare industrially produced vegetarian sausages on an inflatable barbecue. Musing on the protohuman. We can go away, but we don't want to.

Perhaps the Chauchesku's also just wanted to go camping and sing kumbaya around the campfire. Maybe it all started when they couldn't get their three second tent to open. Maybe it's all nature's fault. Bad bad nature.

A Brave New Jungle looks at human evil as a genetic disorder and as a failed growing-up: the psychopath was less loved than his brother, the terrorist had an unhappy childhood, the murderer has never known his father, the pedophile has been abused himself.

Guests that contribute to the punk thrash physical performance A Brave New Jungle are performer Gregory Frateur (Dez Mona), bassist Hannes d'Hoine (DAAU), guitarist Sjoerd Bruil and versatile musician Andrew Claes. As always, Femke Heijens is the strong woman in the EISBÄR* company.


Premiered in November 2014. Now touring.


concept: Femke Heijens | with: Femke Heijens, Gregory Frateur | music: Gregory Frateur, Hannes d'Hoine, Sjoerd Bruil, Andrew Claes | art design, costumes: EISBÄR* | light, technician: Wouter Dupon | decor: Sibren Hanssens | production: Eisbär* | coproduction: Monty (BE) I with support of: the Flemish Community (BE)


More information and performance dates on www.eisbarperformancegroup.be