asymptote (Kevin Trappeniers)

In darkness and stripped from time and space, a landscape unfolds in Kevin Trappeniers' Asymptote in which vulnerable bodies slowly manipulate time, each other and their environment.

Asymptote researches the mutual influence between a landscape and its inhabitants, and the virtual and real identity that stems from occupied space. Growth, bloom and collapse fade into each other on a human scale.

An asymptote refers in mathematics to a line to which a curve approaches ever closer, without ever touching. The paradox of the infinite never quite falling together, and the poetry caused by slow-moving, are key in Asymptote. In a society that is ever more rapidly progressing, two human figures arise who in chiaroscuro appropriate a landscape and come home. Or not quite.

Asymptote is the first full evening production of the young artist Kevin Trappeniers. A first collaboration with light designer Laurence Halloy, sound designer Kreng and dancer Manon Avermaete.



concept, direction Kevin Trappeniers performers Manon Avermaete, Kevin Trappeniers music & sound design Kreng light design Laurence Halloy, Kevin Trappeniers artistic support L'L technical coordination Jo Leys coaching & distribution Vincent Van den Bossche, Vincent Company production Stray Light vzw coproduction TAKT Dommelhof in collaboration with: L’L, Kunstencentrum BUDA, Kunstencentrum Campo, Kunstencentrum De Werf, fABULEUS, Théâtre de Bouxwiller (FR) supported by Flemish Government (BE)

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“Kevin Trappeniers has a phenomenal control over his medium and knows how to create a unique atmosphere with little means. In that, he shows himself to be an exceptional stylist.” (Cutting Edge)