Maarten Westra Hoekzema


Maarten Westra Hoekzema

Maarten Westra Hoekzema (1980) got in 1999 to the finals of the Leiden Cabaret Festival. In 2004 he won the Young Theatre Work prize at Theater Aan Zee for his self-written monologue Sometimes I scare myself. In the same year he wrote and performed his second monologue I have become a better person at Het Gasthuis in Amsterdam. He also played with a.o. Cie de Koe, De Parade and Toneelhuis. In 2007 he founded the collective UNM with Louis van der Waal and Kyoko Scholiers. He wrote and performed (with Kyoko and Louis) the performances Bye Bye Buchenwald and Between dog and wolf. In collaboration with Koen De Preter, ​​UNM created the successful site-specific production The House That Built Us (2012). He is currently working as an actor in Tonight, lights out! by David Weber-Krebs.

In the monologue The Revelation (2010) Maarten Westra Hoekzema announced the end time. The only way to be saved was to believe in God. In The Temptation Maarten managed to convince the audience that we fully control our lives. If only we can seduce. In Testament, Maarten gives a sermon and formulates an answer to the question 'What do you leave behind and what does it mean? ".

Maarten Westra Hoekzema has reworked this triptych to a whole, in which Maarten engages the public in changing their mindsets three times over. The doomsayer, the seduction coach and the preacher come together on stage in Triptych of a Doubter.


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What is the key to a successful life with many friends, even more money and a beautiful partner at your side?The answer is: seduction. Maarten Westra Hoekzema knows all about it and just loves to reveal his seduction advice! He becomes true omniscient guru in this performance and tells you exactly how to seduce, in order to get what you want. How to advertise in the best way possible. How to sell a rickety car for too high a price. And especially how to seduce a woman or a man with an overwhelming success rate. Because the better you can seduce the better you will be able to cope with today's society.

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The triptych The Revelation (2010), The Temptation (2011) and Testament (2014) reworked into a whole in which Maarten engages the audience in changing their mindsets three times over. The doomsayer, the seduction coach and the preacher are questioned.

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