Othello (Mokhallad Rasem)

After Romeo and Juliet, and Hamlet, Mokhallad Rasem takes on yet another major Shakespearean tragedy in spring 2015: Othello. The Moorish general Othello is engaged to the beautiful Desdemona. However, this mixed couple is welcomed only with skepticism and barely concealed racism. Othello's reserve officer Jago insinuates Desdemona is cheating on him. Othello can not stomach it and driven by a blinding jealousy he kills her. When he discovers he was lied to, he also kills himself. A tragedy about manipulation, jealousy and betrayal.

In the hands of Mokhallad Rasem Othello becomes highly personal material. He guides this repertoire text of William Shakespeare into his universe. Image, silence and the physical presence of the actors will be equally important elements as the words and the classic storyline. Julia Ghysels, Roy Aernoudts & Filip Jordens bend those elements to suit the needs of a contemporary Othello.

Unlike Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet, Othello will be created for a small or a larger stage, in a more intimate setting. We would like to invite you during the creation process starting March 2016, at what time we hope to discuss it with you.

Othello will premiere on March 26, 2016 in Bourlaschouwburg.

concept, director: Mokhallad Rasem I with: Julia Ghysels, Roy Aernoudts, Filip Jordens I dramaturgy: Rose Eeuwe I production: Toneelhuis


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