Guess who's coming to dinner (Nico Boon)

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner is an accessible theater experience with text, snacks and humor as the main ingredients of a pleasant evening. Ideal for opening or closing a cultural season, as a way for theaters to get to know their neighbors better, or as a meeting point for your audience.

The concept:

You look in your refrigerator and collect a lot of ingredients, which you then deliver in the theater, as an "admission ticket". You visit the neighbors in small groups. You'll there receive a appetizer and some snacks. And a text.

You - the audience - will then temporarily become an actor: in a small, comfortable living room setting the audience will be asked to read the text.Just like actors doing a first read-through, the audience/readers discover scene by scene what the piece is about. Reply after reply they unravel the motives of their character. They read the text that lies in front of them, they let that text activate their imagination, and just like actors do, they in their turn will have to take a stand - with enthusiasm and surprise - against what their characters say.The neighbors offer an appetizer.

After the read-through, everybody goes to the theater again, where a delicious meal will be served, prepared with ingredients the audience brought along. A drink in one hand (to recover from the experience) and a full plate of goodies in the other, there's time for a cozy discussion.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner* fits the fascination of Nico Boon with speaking and where speaking might lead to. How do people relate to a text that is not theirs? How do they proclaim opinions with which they at first sight totally disagree? (Or are those views upon closer inspection not so far from what they really think ...?)


(*) The title of the performance refers to the eponymous film by Stanley Kramer in 1967, in which a 'free-thinking' couple is confronted with their own prejudices when their daughter comes home with a black fiancé.But in order to not let himself be influenced by the movie, Nico Boon has deliberately not seen it.

text: Nico Boon I production: Monty (BE)