Bite The Hand That Feeds You (Haider Al Timimi)

For Bite The Hand That Feeds YouHaider Al Timimi collaborates with a young crowd of Roma and other musicians. Somewhere between Gadjo Dillo and Minor Swing, he creates a fairytale with sharp claws. About black sheep and wild cubs, about having and keeping, about full moons and empty wallets.

Haider Al Timimi, Georgina del Carmen Teunissen, Chris Van Camp and Bart Capelle turn the clichés about gypsies and gitanos inside out, searching for the missing nail of the crucifixion.


director: Haider Al Timimi I choreography: Georgina Del Carmen Teunissen I text: Chris Van Camp I dramaturgy: Bart Capelle I production manager: Brigitte Mys I production: Knocking Hart I distribution: Vincent Company


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