Fire of Emotions (Pamina De Coulon)

FIRE OR EMOTIONS is a monologue about travelling through time. The imaginative idea of "time travel" is used as a stepping stone in the performance to address any other subject to mix it in a discourse that might as well be endless. It treats the irrational forces of science, the mystical mathematics of Pythagoras, the mistakes of Einstein and the possibilities of science fiction. Pamina de Coulon questions the stories of our reality, chronology and causality, abstraction and empowerment. She explores the moral and political implications that we inevitably face if the impossible becomes possible.


Pamina The Coulon toys iFIRE OR EMOTIONS with the constant tension between the massive and constant movement of cosmos and time, and the very temporary interpretation of reality according to our emotions. Although in the end it eventually comes down to her stubborn will to understand the world and to explain the unknown.


This monologue is available in French and English.


concept and performance: Pamina de Coulon I dramaturgical advice: Hannes Dereere I technician: Simon Stenmans I textile work: Laurence Drevard & Samuel Dronet I production: BONNE AMBIANCE I coproduction: Tandem Théâtre d'Arras / Hippodrome de Douai I in collaboration with: L'L (BE)

I like to say that Stephen Hawking the physicist and I made the same mistake: we both were convinced that everybody is just as deeply interested and touched by the mysteries of the cosmos and the time-space continuum as we are. Well, I don’t know about Stephen, but for myself it’s after a talk with my mother - who politely told me she preferred focusing on the already not so easy cohabitation between human beings - that I had to acknowledge that apparently it’s not such a common source of marvel, emotion and interest.. Yet, I’m still pretty persuaded that one just needs the right angle to address any subject with anybody. It’s really just a question of sharing more then demonstrating. Well, in a sense, exploring all these possible entry doors is one of the many tasks of the ambitious project that is FIRE OF EMOTIONS. (Pamina De Coulon)