Emptyhead (Tuning People & Kinderenvandevilla)

Leeghoofd/ Emptyhead is a visually and auditory performance by Tuning People  and kinderenvandevilla in which the senses play the leading role, for all audiences, starting from 4 years old.

A boy puts a big white ball on his head. From that moment onwards, he becomes LEEGHOOFD, who lives in his own bizarre world of senses. He makes his own eyes, ears, mouth and nose, whilst using stickers, funnels, football socks and other material. He discovers his environment in a playful manner.

LEEGHOOFD is a theatrical and musical poem about a boy with a big head. By using simple means, and a set consisting of many small attributes, it creates poetic and joyful images.

More information and performance dates on www.tuningpeople.be

LEEGHOOFD creates its images whilst using merely sounds (. . . ). Still it creates poetry , in a boisterous rhythm that you rarely see on stage. LEEGHOOFD proves con brio that theatre is not a bubble or an empty box. You realize that the banality of reality is not about reality but about yourself." (Wouter Hillaert , De Standaard ****)
The result is a crazy and sometimes reared spectacle consisting of unbridled fantasy and imagination” (Tuur Devens, De Bond)
A refreshing ode to fantasy. As if you are biting in your favorite piece of cake. Through a thoughtful flow of events and discoveries LEEGHOOFD ends up in an exciting and hilarious adventure for toddlers. " (Els Van Steenberghe , Knack Focus ****)