DMNT (Ugo Dehaes)

As a young student, Ugo Dehaes was fascinated by science and mathematics: initially he wanted to study civil engineering, but at the last moment he decided to push aside the development of his brain to focus on his body: he began to dance . This passion evolved into his profession.

For DMNT Ugo returns to the brain, because a poorly functioning brain has a huge physical impact on how we move. Movements become very complex, uncontrollable or even completely forgotten.

A dance production in which three dancers work around uncontrolled movements, loss of memory and the pure pleasure of dancing. The performance itself dissolves slowly, until there is nothing left.

Premiere in 2015, after that on tour.


choreography: Ugo Dehaes I dance: Ugo Dehaes, Kayoko Minami and others I production: Kwaad Bloed I distribution: Vincent Company


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