Quicksand Valley (Nico Boon)

Quicksand Valley by Nico Boon is a performance about what happens in a family business when the power of money increases the contradictions between family members. It is a story of homecoming and betrayal, shame and responsibility, unstoppable selfishness and the necessary stiffening of principles. ... A hilarious and sometimes hard-boiled account of what we humans do to save our souls when we are in deep water.


text: Nico Boon I director: Femke Heijens, Nico Boon I with: Charlotte Vandermeersch, Tania Van der Sanden, Mark Verstraete, Tom Van Bauwel I light design: Wouter Dupon I sound design: Tom Pintens I production: Mr. & Mrs. Fox I coproduction : KC Monty, CC De Spil, TAKT Dommelhof I with support of: the Flemish Literature Fund