Oriane Varak (Notch Company)

Director & performer

After completing her baccalauréat (Visual Arts, option Photography), Oriane Varak (°FR) moved to Seville to further her studies of flamenco under Manolo Marin and Adela Campallo and continue her visual arts studies with the sculptor Jesus Algovi.

Her profound interest in dance, music, theatre and visual arts led her to attend the Jacques Lecoq International School of Theatre in Paris where she was able to continue to develop her studies of all of these disciplines.

At an intensive dance-theatre workshop she also encountered Julie Ann Stanzak (compagnie Pina Bausch) and from this she started to develop her own personal artistic language. She further developed the performance aspect of her art through workshops, notably under Mamadou Dioume (CICT Peter Brook), and elsewhere specialised in the Commedia dell’Arte with Les Mystères Bouffes; Russian puppet theatre with Vladimir Kantor, Stanislav Jeleskin and Galina Molotova; video and theatre with Pete Brooks in London (Impact Theatre Co-operative) and masked theatre with Ariane Mnouchkine (Théâtre du Soleil).

Her first appearances on stage occurred in a number of theatre, dance-theatre and classical repertory productions and as well as a number of contemporary theatre productions (including Parle-moi comme la Pluie by Tenessee Williams directed by the choreographer Sergio Véliz).

In 2006 she met Omar Porras and worked with him over a period of two years as part of the Comédie-Française for a production by Lope de Vega.
 In 2007 she started a lengthy collaboration with the director Paula Giusti on her project Le Grand Cahier d’Agota Kristof where she played one of the twin brothers, this production played for two seasons at the Théâtre du Soleil in Paris.

In 2009 she joined Les Souffleurs - commandos poétiques collective under the direction of Olivier Comte, with whom she worked on une tentative de ralentissement du monde which involved extensive use of poetic infractions and commando actions.

Having developed a strong attraction for the Belgian artistic scene she left Paris for Bruxelles in 2010. There she has worked occasionally under Quan Bui Ngoc of the Ballets C de la B during intensive workshop in Ghent, and with Nicole Mossoux (Compagnie Mossoux-Bonté) and Agnès Limbos (compagnie Gare Centrale) during a workshop at the Hostellerie de Pontempeyrat. It was there that she met the actress and director Audrey Dero with whom she started a long term artistic collaboration.

She organises Masked Theatre workshops for adults with emotional difficulties (using masks that she designs and makes herself) throughout the French-speaking part of Belgium. Since her arrival in Belgium she has participated in a number of performances (The Clifford Irving Show, Objective Exhibitions à Anvers, Adam in a fake empire at the Raffinerie in Brussels...) and used to preform regularly with Hippy Death Suite, a kraut rock group.

Notch is her first production and she is now creating As a Mother of fact, a choreographical piece with two other dancers and a live musician.

Read more about Oriane Varak & Notch Company on her website: www.notchcompany.com


Notch is a being of anger and life, inhabited by both lies and fervour and trapped in a space of contradictions that is pierced by the electronic sound.

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As a Mother of fact

Three women from a family live in a fake harmony. They compare, gauge each other, juge themselves, claim to love because they are made from the same blood. In this climate of deaf violence and punctuated by moments of destructive joy, they become alternately the guardians of the power they exert on each other…

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Arcane Majeur

Arcane Majeur van Oriane Varak wordt een avondvullende solo van Gala Moody, gebaseerd op de Tarot van Marseille. Centraal staat “de keuze” en vooral hoe we die keuze maken. Aan welke invloeden zijn we onderhevig? Welk systeem verkiezen we waarbinnen onze keuzes tot hun recht komen?

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