As a Mother of fact (Oriane Varak & Notch Company)

In As a Mother of Fact by Oriane Varak three women from a family live in a fake harmony. They compare, gauge each other, juge themselves, claim to love because they are made from the same blood. In this climate of deaf violence and punctuated by moments of destructive joy, they become alternately the guardians of the power they exert on each other…

Concept & direction Oriane Varak/ Sound design & artistic collaboration Guillaume Le Boisselier / Light design Laurence Halloy/ Costumes Lieve Meeussen / Outside eyes Hildegard De Vuyst, Gala Moody, Audrey Dero / Creation & interpretation Audrey Lucie Riesen, Jenna Jalonen, Oriane Varak / Coproduction TAKT Dommelhof, De Werf / Supported by Pudding asbl

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