Vincent Company

Vincent Company is an alternative distribution agency that enhances the positioning and dispersal of artists.

Vincent Company accompanies and represents artists in the Belgian field and/or in various international contexts. It is a non-profit organisation that receives structural operating subsidies from the Flemish Government since January. 

Since the start, Vincent Company aims to re-define distribution: away from a market-oriented approach into a more holistic one, empowering the artist and enrichening the artistic field.

Vincent Company continuously builds bridges for its artists: from the start of an artistic idea to the dernière on tour. An artistic trajectory within Vincent Company lasts approx. 8-10 years, accompanying 4 or 5 productions for each artist.

The homebase of Vincent Company is c o r s o, Antwerp, Belgium.


Vincent Company is:

Cien Schelkens
Judith Ameel
Sanne Hubert 
Vincent Van den Bossche
Eline Dewaele (PARTIE)

Our contact details can be found here.

Board of Directors: Carl von Winckelmann, Hanne Doms, Karel Dombrecht, Sophie Goyvaerts and Vincent Coppens

General Council: Carli Gellings, Don Verboven and Liesje Van Hulle

logo Vlaamse Overheid width=   Vincent Company receives structural operating subsidies from the Flemish Government.