Geert Belpaeme

Geert Belpaeme is a theatremaker, performer and lecturer/researcher at KASK School of Arts in Ghent. He creates performances that blur the lines between theatre, circus, performance, dance and philosophical experiment. Playfulness, abstraction and unbridled imagination are the common thread running through his work, whose artistic language has increasingly moved towards a contemporary form of clownery in recent years.

Geert’s work often follows a visual and intuitive dramaturgy. One situation flows into another dynamically and objects/characters frequently change identities. His inspirations include societal issues and the need to relate (too) actively to a changing world. For Geert, theatre offers a place that stands in resistance to an increasingly passive society. Recurring topics in his practice include the materiality of the narrative, the impulsive imagination of the performer and their relationship to the audience.

Spring 2024 will see the publication of Belpaeme’s first book, Speelsheid (‘Playfulness’, Uitgeverij Letterwerk), which looks at how play is fundamentally interwoven with our experience of the world.

In the 2023–2024 season, Geert Belpaeme will reprise Please (don’t) let me be (mis)understood. The 2024–2025 season will see the return of the same performance as well as the performative act Elephant in the room and the premiere of Imaginary Numbers (tbc).

All info on these productions can be found here.

calendar please (don't) let me be (mis)understood