Circus creators and acrobat partners Hanna Mampuys and Toon Van Gramberen founded THERE THERE Company in 2016. Through their work they actively go in search of meaning in the world around them. Their physical language is strongly influenced by their circus practice of hand-to-hand acrobatics, which is based around a cooperation between bodies. At the heart of their shows is the performer in all their vulnerability and humanity. The focus is on content rather than tricks. Content that remains subtle and with both feet on the ground, so to speak. This is circus stripped of any preconceptions, where Hanna and Toon focus on the intense process of trying, failing, succeeding, caring and trusting. Paying genuine attention is a rare form of generosity. THERE THERE Company is also committed to passing on their craft and empathy – two things that go hand-in-hand in partner acrobatics – to amateurs, audiences and a new generation of circusmakers.

Over the years, the distinct presence of THERE THERE Company has become a fixture of the Flemish circus and performing arts fields. The company has a long-term collaboration (2021–2025) with the circus creation centres CIRKLABO and Dommelhof/Theater op de Markt.

In the 2023–2024 season, they are reprising Carrying My Father. In 2024–2025, they will again reprise Carrying My Father and also explore the possibilities of their new participation project Hugs & Handshakes.

All info on this production can be found here.

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