Wannes Deneer

The visual and aural work of sound artist and scenographer Wannes Deneer blurs the lines between performance, visual art and sound art. He combines his background as a product developer and scenographer to create raw, poetic and no-frills (sound) performances that combine and/or visualise kinetic energy and sound.

Wannes is amazed by how uninhibited humans can be in their rapacious attitude towards every living thing. His work consists largely in the digesting, recycling and composting of existing material. He uses both new and old techniques to create unique sound assemblages and collages. By openly revealing which object or technique creates which effect, he creates space for wonder and curiosity. Wannes plays with the recognisable sounds of everyday objects. Coffee cups, for example. Or porcelain bowls, hammers, desk lamps and door handles. Sound becomes music and the aspect of movement is informed by the combination of music and sound. Wannes likes to surround himself with artists from various disciplines, such as Yinka Kuitenbrouwer (theatre), Ugo Dehaes (dance) and Vera Tüssing (visual art/dance). Since 2023, he has been working in the name of his new non-profit organisation, Matter of Sound (MOS).

The 2023–2024 season holds the premiere of RrrRrrrrRrrrrrrrr (17 September, 2023 at Concertgebouw, Bruges), the reprisal of the show BALK and the exhibition ‘Speaking Characters’.

RrrRrrrrRrrrrrrrrrr, BALK and the exhibition ‘Speaking Characters’ will return once again in the 2024–2025 season.

More information on these performances can be found here.