Brenda Corijn & Zita Windey

// Brenda and Zita are artists from PARTIE //

Zita Windey (Belgium, 2000) and Brenda Corijn (Zimbabwe, 1998) are two young theatremakers who found each other while studying theatre at LUCA School of Arts. They share a fondness for potato chips and grotesque characters. The performances they create together are surreal, interweaving the obscure with the humorous.

Recurring themes in their work include loneliness, incomprehension and the yearning for love and recognition. Whereas Zita tends to seek out the sadness and rawness in these themes, Brenda tends to seek out the poetic and gentle side of things. The result is a symbiosis that makes these themes visible, audible and tangible.

In 2022 they created their first project together, the children’s show Wie heeft er op de koe gepoept? (‘Who pooped on the cow?’), an outdoor performance paying homage to the cow and to simplicity. In 2023, for their graduation project, they created the physical performance Poor Lonely Lonely Animals. A landscape of people and animals passing each other by, encountering each other and grappling with an overpowering sense of loneliness. In a place where everyone wants to be heard, but where the wind makes words unintelligible.

Brenda and Zita are currently working on a new children’s show in collaboration with fABULEUS. The artistic research they began on Poor Lonely Lonely Animals continues with this show. Over the next year and a half, they will explore the significance to young audiences of this desire for connection and the confrontation with loneliness. How to represent our beautiful yet painful attempts to achieve true human connection?

The performance resulting from this research will premiere in the 2025–2026 season. PARTIE will be guiding the artistic research phase.